Friday, June 04, 2004

Last night I met up with all the girls from my past work life. It was so wonderful to talk to them and see what they're up to now and just be girly and laugh.

I miss that comraderie. Starting a new job is tough. It takes time to make those friendships. Sometimes it's lonely at lunchtime, you know?

I made plans for a Lord of the Rings marathon weekend, talked about my new job, my new apartment and relationships. It was so easy and I miss that.

I got home and had a long talk with Alex, who was very sad. I realized that I get so involved with other people's problems, because I really FEEL them. I feel the pain and the injustices and I feel sick to my stomach, just hearing about them. I want to DO something to make it better. And I can't.

Then I lay in bed, thinking about how lucky I am; how many great and wonderful things I have in my life...

I have amazing friends who inspire and support me. A good job and a clean apartment in a great city. A family who loves me. A good education and the sense to use it. Talent. Relatively good health. Experiences and an inclination for adventure.

Sure, some horrible things have happened to me. But that's the nature of life. I've gotten through those things and it all worked out somehow... and put me in this lucky time and place in my life.

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Unknown said...

Thanks to Jody for taking pity on me and asking me if I wanna go for lunch with him after reading my blog... I even let him get in a few stories about his karaoke passion before bowling him over with my blah blah blah