Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Had a lovely weekend.

The wedding was nice and pretty fun for someone who didn't know anyone in the wedding party. Plus, they had a Godiva Chocolate Fountain! Ya, that's TOTALLY making an appearance at my debatably plausible wedding.

Then I had a leisurely Sunday morning, drinking tea, doing email, reading The Tao of Pooh and writing in my journal (my offline journal, not my online journal. I love writing. I wish I did it more often. I never seem to find the time these days. Thank goddess for Sunday mornings.

I got a visit from Alex and my mom, and they helped me move in the last of my things. My room looks like I live in it now. I have a computer that I can turn on (although it's not online yet, so I can't do anything about my site... sigh) and a stereo and pictures!

We all went to have a lovely steak dinner with Matt, who's recovering from surgery nicely. He never fails to make me laugh. He was a little upset with me for telling some friends of mine about his first date with Kendra, which was apparently too sappy for human consumption. Whatever, it's the sweetest story I've ever heard.

He should be happy I taught him how to be a sweetheart.

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