Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Went to Kuranda today on the scenic railway. Met a really great couple in the train and chatted to them about their son who teaches ESL in all sorts of interesting countries.

Carla and I walked around the touristy town full of markets. Saw some fantastic souvenirs and wished that it was the end of my trip so that I didn't have to worry about carrying all of it around with me. Also, don't have the money to buy everything that I'd LIKE to buy.

All of the local artists there really inspired me. Such lovely creative stuff.
I really need to do something more creative. Maybe I just need to write more.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Cape Tribulation (which is north of Cairns, if you follow the link). I'll be there for two nights and then, on my way back to Cairns, I'll stay one night in Port Douglas.

September 15th I fly out of Cairns, leaving behind Queensland and entering the Northern Territory's capital, Darwin. I think it's also the crocodile and mosquito capital of Australia. Heh.

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