Sunday, September 14, 2003

I'm back in Cairns today after a trip to Mossman Gorge, Cape Tribulation (2 nights) and one night in Port Douglas (all of which is north of Cairns).

Cape Trib is where the Daintree rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef. Literally, the water at high tide reaches right up to the jungle.

And I stayed in a cabin IN the jungle. And did yoga on the beach every morning.

It was all very lovely... except for the 700 bites that I have everywhere (including my face!) that itch like crazy.

Thankfully, I think that my dark tan kind of hides the swollen red blotches.

Port Douglas is the place where all the rich people from NSW go to vacation. What a town! I worked it so that I'd be there for their Sunday markets.

I met some lovely people while hiding from the blazing sun under the artist's tents and exotic fruit stands. Also bought several good used books, so I'm all set...

All set to go to Darwin tomorrow. Got one last day here and then I fly off to a place that, by all reports, is even hotter and more mosquito-ridden than Tropical North Queensland!

And the pharmacist who sold me the antihistamines for my incredibly uncomfortable bites told me that the medication doesn't work against Croc bites.

Well thanks.
Apparently, the Northern Territory is FILLED with crocs.

I've already seen a couple on the Daintree river cruise that I went on yesterday.

Very cool. But they weren't as angry as the ones at Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo. Maybe the Crocodile Hunter should come 'round to stir up THESE crocs?

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