Monday, September 15, 2003

Today at the Cairns lagoon, I met Jerome.

Jerome is 6 years old and in grade one. He lives with his cousin, Taylor, and her mom and his mom in Churchill, Victoria. He said it took "Twenty thirty hours to get here."

He could spell his name, and took some creative liberties with Taylor's name ("T - A - L - I - S - G - I - T - H").

I think Jerome is the first friend that I've made here in Cairns.

I would like to report that Global Backpackers, the hostel in the heart of the city, is a really good hostel and I learned that my roommate had sex with some guy in the hostel bathroom last night because there just wasn't anywhere else to GO.

I checked out after a leisurely morning tea, left my bags in their luggage storage and booked my airport shuttle with the efficient staff at Global.

I spent most of my morning at an Aboriginal Educational Gallery. It was really good (although I don't think many people go there at all) but made me really sad.

I'm sad that I'm affected by all of the white Australians who've cautioned me to stay away from the Aboriginals, as they're generally drunk and up to no good. I get all nervous when they pass me when I'm walking by myself. That makes me feel like a bad person.

But I think that Jerome was at least half Aboriginal. And I'm really glad that I met him.

Kids are the greatest.

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