Monday, September 15, 2003

I'm in Darwin now.

Wow. Just stand outside and the sweat pours off me. It's a literal sauna outside. Apparently, I'm here in one of the hottest times of the year. Lucky me.

Was booked in at Melaleuca Hostel, but I took a look and HAD to get my money back. I went to the YHA across the street. Not MUCH better, but somewhat better at least. It's the first time I've ever asked for my money back. I felt bad. But I couldn't stay there. Yuk.

But I have to stay there for one night when I'm back from my 3-day Kakadu tour. The tour company stays there overnight before taking off for Alice Springs. Sigh. I'm sure it'll be better than camping, anyway.

Met a girl named Esther in my YHA room who has a car. We're going to Litchfield National Park tomorrow. Yay!

Today I'm going to the supposedly excellent Museum and Art Gallery of Northern Territory. And doing laundry tonight.

Wow it's hot.

And I'm worried about my tour to Kakadu and Alice and the hostel I'm booked at in Alice. I've heard horror stories about all of them. Really starting to get scared.

Well, I'm sure as long as there are nice people on the tour I'll be relatively happy.

I'll probably NOT have mobile access when I leave for my tour of Kakadu on Thursday morning. Not sure when I'll have it again, or when I'll be able to do email/post here.

Worried. Wish me luck.

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