Saturday, September 20, 2003

Back from Kakadu.

Lovely tour!

Fantastic food. Luxury camping accomodations. Lots of information, lovely people.

Went swimming in the most amazing spots! And the swimming got us out of the blistering sun/humidity, so the heat was not a problem. Haven't been swimming that much since I was a kid.

Tonight I have free accomodation at Melaleuca's again, 10 mins free Internet and a meal at the Victoria Hotel.

Yay for free things.

And I only got about 5 mossie bites. Not bad!

Being picked up tomorrow morning at 5:30am on the first leg of my 3-day journey to Alice Springs.

I hate mornings.

This next bit of my journey will be through the outback. That means LOTS of driving through very boring terrain.

At least I'm reading an amazing book: Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald. Picked it up in Cairns when I exchanged my other two recently read books:Toujours Provence by Peter Mayer (read it because Rita from Tales of a Female Nomad read it) and Coasting, about a woman from Sydney who ditches it all to live a simple life in the north coast (Hardy's Bay).

I love reading!

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