Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Went to Haigh's Chocolate factory and Visitor's Centre yesterday. They don't export outside of Australia, so I figured I HAD to pay them a visit! Besides, it is the oldest family owned chocolate manufacturer in Australia.

Had a tour, got free chocolate and bought just a little extra chocolate to keep me going ;)

Visited the Balfour Bakery outlet just around the corner from my hostel to buy "just breakfast". Ha.

Dropped by the Adelaide Central Market for some bananas and had to almost physically hold myself back from buying everything.

And, to finish off my day of food, I got together with the Kates and Jacinta for dinner last night. Very nice dinner, though I forget how expensive it is to go OUT for dinner. Travelling makes you into such a cheapskate!

I tell you, though, Adelaide is serious about their food and wine! Totally my kind of town!

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