Friday, August 22, 2003

Well, I'm BACK!

I'm now in Airlie Beach, take off spot for the Whitsundays (a bunch of Islands on the east coast, just at the south end of the Great Barrier Reef).

I start my dive course tomorrow. So I have some studying to do tonight, but I have a raging migraine and just want to sleep.

I just finished my 3-day Fraser Island 4WD self-guided tour. It was great (more on that later when I have better Internet access) but I got very little sleep (due to hard ground and early rises). Then I took the overnight bus here to Airlie. Very little sleep. Plus, I probably didn't drink enough water on Fraser.

Anyway, I'm staying at Waterfront Backpackers which is in the attic of this waterfront building and, as such, is STIFLINGLY HOT! I'm changing hostels in 2 days.

Almost didn't get to do my dive course. Had my dive medical. The doc says that my ears aren't equalizing properly. Apparently I'm sick (or WAS and my sinuses still haven't figured out that I'm better). So I have to take nose spray to clear it up.

She authorized me to do the pool dive (not very deep) but I have to go back on Sunday to see if I'm cleared to do the deep sea dives that are part of my diving package.

Cross your fingers for me!

Also, thank god for MacDonalds' $2 sundaes! Magic!

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