Thursday, August 07, 2003

Just spent a lot of money on some more travel plans.

This time, I bought :
1. scuba diving course in the Whitsundays
2. trip to Cape Tribulation (3d/2n)
3. 3-day Kakadu Nat'l Park 4WD trip
4. 3-day trip from Darwin to Alice Springs
5. 3-day tour of Uluru, Kings Canyon, the Olgas
6. 2-day trip from Alice Springs to Adelaide

Got some nights of accommodation thrown in as well. And some free Internet access while here in Byron. Although they don't allow ftp access.

Thank god for automajik bloggers.

So, that's about all the money I have. But at least that's all the things I wanted to do paid for.

God, travelling is expensive!

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