Friday, August 08, 2003

Learned to surf!
I am now a surfgoddess!

OK, that's not exactly true. I wouldn't say I was actually GOOD at it, but I did get up on my board and ride a wave or three!

It was so exciting! I had a lot of fun and all the people were so nice!

Have decided that the Arts Factory Lodge is not for me. I reckon I'd like it more if I knew more people there. But I haven't really bonded with the people I do know and others are just not so easy to meet/talk to.

LOVE the Wicked Travel people, though.

And I suppose I do love that the hostel is really well set up for reading. So I've actually been reading. And going to bed at a normal time and sleeping like a normal person....

Except last night one of my roommates brought a boy home from the bar and he convinced her to let him stay.

I was like, "dude, you're NOT staying here."
And he ignored me and passed out in her bed and snored so loud I could hear it clearly through my earplugs! Well, at least I wasn't hearing any other noises that I didn't wanna hear.

Met up with a girl I met in Sydney - in my surf class! Will go out for a drink with her tonight and then up early to see the sunrise at the most easterly point of Australia.

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