Friday, August 22, 2003

Started my scuba diving course today. Am on lunch break now.

We did a swimming test and while I passed, I was embarassed at how winded I was. I just don't swim enough. I used to swim a lot as a child, but I think I got to teenage-hood and hated being seen in a bathing suit.

Anyway, I'm a little nervous about the diving. I hope that my ears will be OK. At least I have a really nice Italian dive partner named Daria. I met her on Fraser Island.

To be honest, I'd be happy just to sit around reading and writing in my journal. I've discovered that's my favourite. The weather is beautiful here in Airlie. Really perfect. Don't think I'd like it in summer, though. Even though Byron was a bit chilly, I'm glad I chose this time to come out here.

But I wish that I'd given myself another day or so to rest between Fraser Island and Airlie/Whitsundays. One day didn't seem enough.

Ah well. I'm meeting great people and staying active. Although, based on my swim test I should be MORE active.

I think I'm one of those slow-and-steady-wins-the-race people.

Got a call from my German friend, Andrea, but I was just starting my amazing 10-hr sleep and was SO tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. So she's calling back tonight. I'm so excited as I miss her very much!

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