Sunday, August 24, 2003

Just doing some email before I take off for the Great Barrier Reef to do my final dives of my dive course!! I've just finished 2 days of pool dives and classroom instruction. And now I'm off for 2 nights and 2 days of diving in the open water (the doctor said my ears were OK).

Now, although it may be impossible to fail the course, it was pretty time intensive. If you plan on doing this, don't plan on doing anything else. There's lots of homework and even an exam!

So I'm a little tired after staying up to do my homework, pack up my stuff so that I could put most of it into storage. And making food so that I'd have something to eat today.

The kitchen at Waterfront Backpackers is crap. NO can opener. No sharp knife (had to cut onions with a butter knife!). No lids for the pots. No collander/strainer and no bowls. Makes it bloody difficult to make spagetti.

But I managed.

Have a bit of a tan - did I tell you?
Feeling a little lonely.

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