Friday, August 01, 2003

Today was my last day of work at The Coffee Roaster. It was a nice day.

A little sad.

Then I went to the travel agent and started planning the rest of my trip up the east coast. Really nice travel agent at Backpackers World.

Wow, is this going to cost me some bucks. But it's going to be so good! I'm so excited!

Then Andrea and I met and went to Fox Studios.

And, you know, we casually walked into a FREE Dandy Warhols concert at [V]HQ!

I watched part of the concert from about 10 steps away from the stage. The other half was spent in the wine bar across the pathway from , where it was warmer and we could drink a nice glass of wine.

Great concert.
I feel very cool that we just walked right into it, not knowing that it was going to be there at all.

Then we watched Charlie's Angels Full Throttle, which was shockingly, horribly fantastic.

What a great night!

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