Saturday, July 19, 2003

Yesterday, after work, I took a free* ferry ride to Balmain and did the historical walk through the lovely suburb.

Then I met Andrea and walked to King's Cross to meet Michelle, Dominic, Victoria, Sabine and Bette for drinks at the World Bar (AKA: the teapot bar). The Pyrmont gang (ie: everyone except me and Andrea) left after one teapot and viewing my latest photos. Andrea and I stayed for another teapot (pots of shooters like Creme Caramel, Chocoholic, Tropicana...) and a bottle of wine.

We talked about our past loves and lusts, our crushes and how we were very happy to have met each other. These are the kinds of things you talk about when you're drunk.

Then we made a late night dash to the Coles Express to buy a big bag of Doritos to eat on our way home.

* note that this ferry ride normally costs about $4.50, but I'm a dishonest, horrible person and managed to get the ride for free by falling asleep in the sun and ignoring the ticket man when he came around.

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