Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Have been forgetting to post! My apologies!

Sunday night was dinner and a movie night at my place. Andrea and I made spagetti, Michelle brought caramel date cookies and vanilla ice cream and we all watched Moulin Rouge.

Andrea and I know all the words to all the songs and tried very hard not to sing so as not to spoil the movie for Michelle.

Ewan was amazing and beautiful, as usual.


Monday was work, laundry and gym day. Terribly exciting.

Then I rushed home, showered and rushed over to Blackbird Cafe in Darling Harbour for dinner. It was Sabine's birthday, so we celebrated with a lovely dinner. Sabine and I are also having a party at my house this Saturday to celebrate both our birthdays.

Today I worked again, of course.

There was a new window display at Spirit Level, a new mural in Central Station's tunnel and a new view as I crossed the footbridge, since the sun is rising earlier now... my walk to work was a whole new world!

After work, Andrea and I went to a new photo exhibit at the State Library. It was outstanding. What an amazing photographer.

Then we had coffee and chatted about destiny at Gloria Jeans, went lipstick shopping and walked home.

Tonight, I get to talk to Sarah! YAY!

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