Tuesday, July 01, 2003


Sorry about the lack of updates. We had to turn off our Internet access for a couple of days as we'd reached our package's download limit. I know, I know, I should've gone to an Internet cafe. But I figured everyone could wait a couple of days until July 1st.

Tonight I'm going out to North Sydney to celebrate Canada Day with other Sydneysider Canadians!

Last night I saw Bowling for Columbine at Govinda's. It was outstanding. I've never been MORE proud to be Canadian. I found it funny that they interviewed people from Sarnia. My mom is from Sarnia. I hate to say it, but I DO lock my door.

I went to Govinda's with Michelle (Vancouverite) and her roommates, who are all amazing people!! I found out that me and one of her roommates have birthdays this month around the same time, so we're going to plan a joint bday party!

After the movie, we went to a pub out in King's Cross and got a teapot of some tropical shots. Very yum. Met a cabdriver who speaks 10 languages! Got home late and woke up early to work. Ugh.


Went to Michelle's apt for dinner. She made the most amazing salmon dinner!! She's a fantastic cook!

She also has fantastic roommates. WE all went out to the The Orient pub in The Rocks. I didn't know about it's reputation before I went. It was a total meat market. Some guy asked me to dance then dragged me around the pub a couple of times, then talked incoherently, then asked me if I wanted a drink and made me pay for it. Weird.

Met Andreas and David there, who came with us when we left to go to Pontoon, in Darling Harbour. David had some hidden salsa talents, which he was happy to show off. I need to learn how to dance. It looks so cool and is so fun! Too bad I suck at it.

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