Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Well Canada Day was a BLAST!

Went with my friend Kat (former Rye student who lives in Sydney now) to the Victoria Cross Bar. It's the official Canadian bar in Sydney. It was so dedicated by some important dignitary and they even have a plaque on the wall commemorating this fact.

They served Labbatt's Blue and Canadian Club sponsored the event, so I drank CC Club all night.

They played Canadian music. Lots of Tragically Hip, Kim Mitchell, Colin James, Bryan Adams, Tom Cochrane, The Guess Who and even a Bran Van 2000 song - but no Our Lady Peace! Even so, it was so fantastic to hear so many of my favourite songs/bands.

There was Canadian Trivia (ie: who was the second PM?) and Molson Canadian commercials and then the main event:

(pics to come in the travel section soon)

Met some new friends. Wore my best Canadian outfit: My new "I Love Toronto" t-shirt, courtesy of the amazing Sarah and my Leafs jersey, courtesy of Matt.

Also wore my "I love Toronto" tshirt to work today and showed it off to all my favourite customers. One guy said "Nice shirt. I didn't really read it, though." Smirk.

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