Thursday, July 17, 2003

It started out as a good day... opened the coffee shop, as usual. Finished work at 12:45 and picked up Andrea at her hostel. Bungled our way to Olympic Park, Homebush Bay.

Walked to Bicentennial Park after a few wrong turns. Did the Mangrove Boardwalk, took some nice photos.

On the way back, Alex called to let me know that Sharon had been laid off, along with 8 others at Infinet! I was shocked! I hurried home to find out who else among my many work friends...

Sarah had emailed me.
Subject: I got laid off today

My mouth gaped open.

What does one say to that?

I wanted to say "one day you will thank your lucky stars this happened" but she might not be ready to hear that yet.

I want to call her, but it's too early! I want to be there for her. And I'm not. I'm here. I wish I knew how to be the friend she needs right now.

Do they know what they've lost?
She deserves so much better.

She will move on to better things. I know she is destined for greatness. But she must discover it for herself. Just as I had to.

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