Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Monday I went to Sydney's Skytower or Centrepoint at night. Great view; probably too expensive. Had a cool ride at the bottom, though. Very touristy.

Walked through Hyde Park at night (I know, again?) and then had yummy Thai food on Oxford St. and then went to King's Cross (the red light district) for teapot shooters.

Home late. Up early.

Yesterday, after work, Andrea and I saw the Wim Wenders photo exhibit at the MCA. The Museum is free, but the exhibit cost $10, which I think was too much.

Good exhibit, though.

Then went out for Indian food and drinks. Although I had meant to go to the pay-what-you-can night at the Belvoir to see The Homecoming. A friend of mine is in it. I was sad when they told me it was sold out.

Still don't have a roommate but found out that I can live here by myself for another three weeks. My housemates are so nice!

Finally got back and went to bed before midnight.

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