Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 1, Maui

Sunset at Lahaina
When I took two weeks off inbetween jobs, I decided to go to Maui. I booked everything the day before I left. Flight, condo, car rental.

I arrived at 10:30pm in Maui on Saturday, July 20. I walked off the plane with my carry-on luggage and out to the Enterprise shuttle, which took off immediately. There, I got a car and directions and was on my way to the Maui Eldorado condo that I'd rented for the week. $2000-ish poorer (flight, car, condo), but on my way.

I drove 45 minutes in the dark. When my body felt like it was 4am and hadn't really slept in about 24 hours. I'm glad I didn't have to go further. The security guard let me into the room. I plugged in my computer to let folks know I'd arrived and plopped into bed around midnight, Maui-time.

I awoke at 4am -- my body thinking it was much later. I made myself go back to sleep and got up at 7am. For once in my life, I was able to sleep in.

This was my day:
  • Checked-in - got a map for the complex - I've got to walk to the beach, but not far and it's through a golf course.
  • Drove to Safeway - a LONG grocery trip to not buy much, comparing prices and considering what I would actually be able to eat, $85 for ice cream (three kinds), cereal, yogurt, milk, coffee, carrots, nectarines, fixings for pasta & sauce, chips, flavoured soda water.
  • Walked down to the beach/cabana - met Walter, the guy who runs the cabana who gave me a LOT of advice on what to do. Slow-talker. Lovely example of a local.
  • Walked around the beach walk and the Sheraton a bit. Burnt my feet on the sand. OW.
  • Back to get the car; drove over to cultural centre to watch a free hula show while I ate Dairy Queen - c'mon, didn't I need MORE ice cream?!
  • Shopped, walked, checked out Lahaina
  • Sunset in Lahaina - see photo (and more photos of Maui here)
  • What I ate: Starbucks london fog, Diary Queen lemon meringue blizzard, lime soda water, sweet & spicy chips, ice cream. Not so nutritious.
  • Interesting: Discovered Lahaina tourist shop has cheaper coffee than Safeway!
  • In bed by 10pm. OK, I'm not a night-life kinda gal. (But up by 6am, doing research on my free wifi -- and posting this blog.)

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