Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Landscaping: Decisions, decisions

Our "landscaping" last spring
We finally got our landscape plan (see my last post on landscaping).

Features in the plan:

  • No grass to mow! 
  • A place to grow herbs and some basic edibles (hot peppers) 
  • A (stone-look-alike) patio
  • A built-in cedar bench
  • Privacy from my neighbours 

What it doesn't include:
  • A bike shed (although the plan is for us to source one and place it at the back where there is currently an urn and a lilac bush)
  • A spot for a rain barrel 
  • A spot my composter, though he suggested placing it behind the evergreens where cars are parked
  • A spot in the sun to lounge and read my book - although I could buy such a piece of furniture and place it in such a place
  • A complete redo of the deck - only new stairs and railings. And we'd have to paint it all ourselves, refinishing the existing part along with it.

What's next?

  • Review the list of plants (see this document for the key to the drawing below).
  • Decide if we want to make any changes to the plants
  • Decide if we want to do this plan. It's going to cost a LOT. But I've read that landscaping improvements can see a return on investment up to 30%. And I've also read that it's normal to spend around 5-10% of the value of your house on it. So. That puts our plan in the right spectrum
  • Figure out if we can really afford to pay for it all right now (along with all the other reno projects we're undertaking). We could split it into two projects, but I think I'd like to enjoy it this summer.

The landscape plan - click to enlarge

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