Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 6, Maui

Not a picture of me and my lei, but I'm tired and most of the photos I took today were with the REGULAR camera and I forgot to take the cord for it so that I can download my photos. So this was the best I could do: a photo from my bathroom mirror.

I'm showing off my lei from the Old Lahaina Luau. The luaua is supposed to be the best one. I'm sure it is the best one, but luau food is just OK and the dancing I'd seen already at FREE shows at the local shopping centres. So it was nothing new.

It was a beautiful location on the beach and if I hadn't had the free shows and already tried some of the hawaiian food elsewhere, I'm sure I'd have LOVED it.

I also snorkeled today around Lana'i -- it's the neighbouring island. It was a raft trip with "Ultimate" tours. They were good tour company -- really nice people. But I'd had better snorkelling yesterday for free! That said, if you want to do this trip, these are the guys to do it with.

I did see two eagle rays having sex. And I saw two turtles and swam with them for a long time. So, more turtles, yay! And I loved the guided tour - the coast is gorgeous, there was some good history and info about the flora & fauna. And there was one spot, shark fin point or reef (?) which was fairly amazing -- it dropped off dramatically on one side, making it peaceful and surreal. The underwater world is so amazing - all that going on that we mostly don't see or pay attention to. I always feel a bit like a voyeur when snorkeling. The guide found a brought up an octopus which I got to pet. Fantastic. But I didn't see any dolphins -- I'm SO demanding! :)

My sunburn is fading so that means it's starting to itch. BUT that also means it doesn't HURT anymore. YAY!

I have to check out of this condo tomorrow. It will be sad. BUT I will be going to Paia which is supposed to be cool and I'm sure I'll love it. I have a great place booked there.

I'm about to fall asleep. So I'm not going to bother making this post better.

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Unknown said...

Hey Cathy,
I just read through all your Maui blog posts. Sounds amazing and you appear to be having a wonderful and restful break. Don't think about anything else but what's happening in front of you at this exact moment. I think that actually might be the secret to true happiness.
Have fun.