Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 2, Maui

Today I work up early and made myself Hawaiian coffee. As it turns out, overpriced Hawaiian coffee, as Safeway is actually MORE expensive than the tourist shop, Maui General Store. Go figure. Still, it was good. And it meant I could stay in my room while I researched a bunch of things online.

It was cloudy out, so my initial idea to go out snorkelling was overruled by weather and why NOT do research and drink coffee instead? Indeed.

When the sun started to poke its head out, I donned my new orange bikini, my sarong, strapped on my backpack and headed out. I walked north from my beach, along the Beach Walk as far as I could go. It was, in a word, beautiful. I mean, just check out this photo. It was basically like this or nicer, the whole way. Then I walked back and hung out at my own beach cabana, drinking water, eating my granola bar and reading my Lonely Planet. I did this until I started to get really hungry.

I stood up to go... and there was a turtle in the water. Just swimming by.

I finally DID leave (around 3pm) and walked back to my condo to change into something dry. And eat some ice cream. Hey, I have three tubs in my freezer, so I've gotta use it up, don't I? And conveniently, Gordon Skyped me. He told me about the lovely birthday gift he got me: a gift certificate for one of the BEST restaurants on the island! He's a pretty good husband.

Then I went out to continue my shore walk, this time, heading south. More gorgeous. More friggen HOT. But this was more hotel-covered. I'd had a recommendation from Walter the Cabana Guy to eat at Hula Grill (over-priced, he said, but if I had to eat somewhere...), so I did. I sat at the bar and ordered a Mai Tai, just barely catching happy hour and then getting 'pupu' (like tapas, or appetizer) of island-style ceviche and local salad with pohole fern and marinated hearts of palm. Recommend both of these. Wow. And of course, there was live music playing what you'd expect to be playing as the sun set in Maui. It was kind of perfect. Except it was a little hotter than perfect, so I sweated a lot. And only one guy tried to pick me up. I wasn't receptive, in case you were wondering.

After this, I shopped Whaler's Village which is the most beautiful mall I've ever seen. And they had live music playing in the square there too, so I stopped for that. Free entertainment everywhere! Finally, I decided to walk back. It was completely dark, so I was a bit nervous. But nothing weird jumped out at me and there were people (mostly couples and families) walking around almost everywhere anyway. So here I am, safe and sound, blogging before bed.

Check out more photos of Maui: http://www.flickr.com/photos/webgoddesscathy/sets/72157634745933165/

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Unknown said...

Looking forward to a sunrise photo!
Great beach shots.