Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 4, Maui

My view of Ka'anapali BeachNothing.
That's what I did today.

 Well, that's not technically true:
  • I made coffee, breakfast AND lunch
  • I booked a snorkelling trip for my birthday
  • I walked down to the cabana on the beach
  • I read my book
  • I faithfully applied (and re-applied!) sunscreen
  • I read about a quarter of my book, "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • I floated in the water when I got hot
  • I watched the sun set
I'm exhausted!

Oh, and I totally saw a turtle, up-close and personal. He stuck his head out of the water about a metre away and was like, "Hey dude, what's up?" He was massive. I walked/swam down the coast a bit with him.

I am now cooling my belly with a tub of peanut butter cup ice cream. Inside and out. Because that's what needed to happen. My belly is thanking me. I think the ice cream likes it too, to be honest.

I think this might have been the best day ever. And Hawaii (Maui at least) might be the best place ever. And the place I'm staying (Maui Eldorado) without question has the best beach cabana ever - and RIGHT on the beach. Full kitchen, bathrooms, showers, a library, shade and sun spots, towels, chairs and back rests and a friendly towel dude (NOT Walter today). And not very busy.

If it hadn't been so beautiful, it would have been a shame that the sun went down today.

More photos here:


ma said...

nice to hear you are having such a good time
We too have had glorious weather every time we've hiked.
Happy birthday

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, happy feet!