Tuesday, January 15, 2008

travel mania

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Oi, doesn't this make me want to travel?!

His accompanying blog isn't helping much: http://www.elyk.com/blog/

And I recently had a talk with someone thinking about heading down/over to this part of the world (AUS/NZ). Actually, I've been able to retell the story to a bunch of people lately.

And a new friend has just returned from an Aus/NZ trip and I'm so envious.

I've been thinking about how wonderful that time was for me. How unhappy I'd been for the year or two before that. And how I gave myself time to get to know myself again. And remembered that I love people. And writing. And doing not much of anything except concentrating on having as much fun packed into each day as possible.

When did I stop doing that?
And how would life be different if I still focussed on that even now?

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Anonymous said...

kyle's blog is making me mucho jealous these days. must get some travel in this year