Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ski til it hurts

Lake Louise, 2007
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So the first thing you should do when you find out you have to sell the house is go skiing in a snowstorm. And make sure it's really wet snow with a lot of wind.

That way, you can get good and soaked, feel the sting so you know you're going fast enough on the lift alone, then you can't even feel anything when you're racing DOWN the hill. Of course, it also helps your gloves get wet so that you have cold fingers.

You're wondering why this is the perfect tonic to what ails me?

Well, who was thinking about selling a house when my snot was running into my mouth?

Honestly, it was good fun. Mom and I got our ski legs in this first outing of the season at Mount St. Louis Moonstone. It was busy, but somehow it's never all that bad there. We managed to ski each and every blue and black diamond run in the place.

And then it was time for Starbucks. Of course.

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