Monday, January 07, 2008

A bit of suckage

Migraines aren't something you want to start having. I mean, in case this was something you thought you'd missed out on and wanted to try. Oh ya, and if you've had them, maybe you're thinking you'd like to have more? Don't do it.

Cuz they're not good.
And the medications to treat them? Also pretty crap from time to time, especially when they don't work at all.

Extra stress? While you probably thought this was a good thing, it might actually bring on the migraines, so you might wanna skip it, on second thought.

To avoid them, you might also want to pass on crying or not sleeping enough or messing around with your caffeine intake. But mainly the stress.

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Anonymous said...

Migraines are sexy Cath! Just start thinking about all the problems in your life and your face will start glowing! Trust me, I know Health and Medicine! - Dave