Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First Day of 2008

My first day of 2008 began with hugs. Isn't that a nice way to begin the year? Hugs and kitty cat patting.

And the second thing? Bacon, of course. Bacon and eggs and tea with family.

Then a drive to drop my sister off at the airport. Not so nice -- a little tearful, in fact -- but at least her departure coexisted with a plan for most of us to visit her in February for our annual Rockies ski trip. I can't wait!

I've been off work, mostly, for about 3 weeks. Working intermittently here and there, but still not having the work schedule routine going for that long. I have to use this week to get back into sync with that schedule. I'm also going to use this first week of 2008 to:

  • write my dreams and wishes and plans for 2008
  • write up my accomplishments for 2007
  • get caught up at work
  • get all my boxing week shopping done
  • get all the holiday mess put away or at least organized
  • have a conversation about the future of my living arrangements

I know, you wish you were me. Don't we all wish that we had such an exciting life?

Interestingly, when I was thinking about my resolution for this year, I realized that it was already coming true. And my general happiness has been noted by a couple of friends that I've talked to lately. It feels good to feel good again.

Cheers to 2008!