Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland.
Photo by my friend, wmacphail
I picked my parents up at the airport last night when they came in from St. Martin where they were staying at my timeshare.

They're all tanned and happy.
You gotta hate that when you've just battled the sloppy, slippery streets and highways at 3am.

And I stayed overnight at the farm and woke up to this winter wonderland. It's always so beautiful here when it snows. More quiet than usual. The pine tree boughs out front is laden down with snow. The flakes swirl around.


Today I'm hanging out in front of the wood stove, reading my book, with my cat on my lap and tea in my hand. While the snow keeps falling out the window -- all framed and pretty just for me to watch from my comfy seat.

Relaxed already and knowing that next week, I'm off. I don't go back to work until the new year, in fact. I figured out on Friday that I needed to use up all my vacation. So it's an impromptu vacation. In Toronto. So I can concentrate on getting Christmasy. Having lunch with friends, Christmas shopping, going to a Christmas party, ice skating at Nathan Phillips Square.

What could be better? I'm so excited.
I should "forget" to take my vacation more often ;)

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