Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow day

Teasles in Snow
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Oooh, I love snow days!

I especially love them when I don't really HAVE to be anywhere. Here at my parents' farm, it is gorgeous. Well, as long as you have a snow blower and a warm car and drive about 40km/hr on the highways.

The snow is so light and fluffy, it's like the fake movie confetti snow. Now that the sun is shining, it is so bright and sparkly. Every once in a while, the air stirs and a mound of fluff tumbles from the branch of a tree, drifting lazily down. I hate to move from this spot.

I even got to hang out at the local coffee shop, Groundswell, and read my book. My latte was thoroughly satisfying. Frothy and light, like the snow outside.

Now, finished working remotely from my parents' computer, I'm about to head out into the country roads and slowly but surely make my way to the local shops.

I hope my perma smile doesn't piss anyone off.

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Sara Desjardins said...

What kind of work were you doing from your parents' computer?? You're supposed to be on vacation so job work is NOT allowed! Tell them to go away until AFTER Christmas!!!!!!