Monday, December 03, 2007

busy week

It was a busy weekend, which I love. And a busy week, which is sometimes also good. Right now, this is a good thing, since I don't want to be at home a lot.

Tonight, making merry in the office, putting up Christmas decorations then off for some super yummy Mexican food and fantastic conversation. (Although I had another "Cathy, shut up!" moment, but that happens, inevitably, when someone is listening.)

Tomorrow, lunch out, a physio appointment (finally) for my shoulder that's been sore for almost a year now then dinner out to celebrate the completion of a successful event. Hopefully home at a reasonable time so I can start crunching some more numbers. Again.

Wednesday is yoga day, I think.
Thursday is my company holiday party.
Friday, I see DAVE! Super exciting!
Saturday, I meet my parents at the airport and grab their car for the rest of the week. Head off for some holiday shopping before I head to Anita's Christmas party and then possibly a sleep over.
Sunday to Oakville to visit more friends and their adorable baby.

Seriously, does life get any better?

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