Sunday, January 14, 2007

Just got back from visiting my parents - stayed over after a fun formal dinner party at Matt and Kendra's house in Guelph.

It was a great party - I got to wear my old bridesmaid dress from over 2 years ago. It's a little bit too big, but I guess it always was anyway. It's just got a little extra room now.

At my parents', we watched the remaining episodes of Firefly as well as the movie, Serenity.

Both: awesome.

Can't understand why they cancelled the show. It was great.

Anyway, now I'm back at home and feeling that the weekend was again too short. I've been feeling so run down lately. Maybe it's the winter blues.

Very excited about a couple of things, though:

  • WinterCity, including Winterlicious
  • Chimera - saw this sleeper on Friday. Skip it. But happy that I got out to some theatre anyway.
  • Ski day at Osler
  • Trip to Calgary - just bought our flights to Calgary for $400! Not bad! (Now watch it go on sale even more.) So, here's to my upcoming ski vacation in March!

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