Monday, January 15, 2007

Isn't it strange that I enjoy being at work more than at home sometimes?

I enjoy working on all of the projects that are on the go, catching up, getting a handle on everything.

Perhaps at home I feel more overwhelmed. And if I have no options of things to do at home that are relaxing, like I have no book or magazine to read, no movie to watch, then perhaps all I'm left with is the work that I don't want to do.

However, I should add as a caveat that I really only LIKE being at work when it's quiet. Which is usually at night. And it's the same with home.

I do enjoy being home by myself. Not having to curb what I want to do based on what someone else is doing. Eating, drinking, watching, doing whatever I want, when I want.

I find this strange because I'm usually quite happy in a social situation. Going out with friends to the theatre, good dinner, shopping, art gallery, movies, just hanging out at their house, whatever. And I love being around my family and will always choose that over being by myself. Even doing nothing. Or talking. Even just reading while everyone else reads or talks.

So why am I wishing I had stayed at work tonight?
Or that I was hanging out, reading a magazine at a coffee shop?


Stephanie said...

You probably already know the answers to your questions.

Anonymous said...

I remember posting a message here several months ago that the best relationships are ones where you can be yourself. You're a different person as long as you're with what's his name.

Do you want to be a different person, or do you just want to be you?

I repeat...Happiness will not be yours.

Unknown said...

One cannot strive for happiness - if you do, you will fail. One can only strive for contentedness.

Happiness is like the horizon: if you chase it, it will always remain beyond your reach.

At the moment, I am doing what I feel is right. When I change my belief about what is right, then I will change what I do.

In the meantime, I strive to find contentment in every day.

We all of us strive for something.