Monday, January 29, 2007

It was cold.

I was standing there, listening to the amazing, sometimes eery, sometimes soothing music, my feet shuffling back and forth as the acrobats at the opening of Toronto's WinterCity climbed a rope-riddled cube of scaffolding and threw themselves down the middle jumble of ropes, much like a game of Kerplunk!

The performance was put on by a group called Kitonb, an "extreme" theatre company from Italy. I'm not sure if they expected it to be that cold. I didn't.

I couldn't feel my feet by the time The Philospher Kings came on stage. I thought about leaving after their first song, but I walked around, took a look at the huge inflated snowglobe with the actors inside, playing hockey, hanging out in the spa, or by the fire with their ski garb on...

I finally got the blood flowing to the toes. And then they played one of my favourites (Oleo) and broke it down and it started going on forever and ever... I like the band. And they're fantastic musicians. But I do not like wanking like that.

Anyway, great show. Fantastic free entertainment.
But cold.

Check out the rest of the cool WinterCity events happening in Toronto here.

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