Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I have several bios of friends on my site that are short and sweet, but I'm slowly, labouriously and messily building a bio of myself with this blog.

One thing you should know about me: I love chocolate.

So I found this article about the economics of chocolate which followed an investigative report about chocolatier NOKA.

The writer of the report HATES NOKA, but offers a couple of lower-priced chocolate options for true connoisseurs. I looked into it and realized that I'd never heard of most of the producers. Nor do I care of single-source chocolate.

So I'm starting to doubt if I'm really much of a chocolate lover.

I'm quite happy to savour a square of Poulain 76% chocolate that I bought at Shopper's Drug Mart, at 2-100g bars for $5.

I guess I must content myself with being a coffee snob.

One word of advice for those who wish to save themselves: skip the Hershey's and the Cadbury. Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

Why skip cadbury?