Tuesday, January 30, 2007

First ski outing of the season

39_Lake Louise
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OK, so mom and I didn't exactly go to Lake Louise this weekend. But we did manage to get out on the slopes for a half-day at Mount St. Louis Moonstone.

It was a little grey and quite cold and the line ups were long since everyone's been anxious about getting out there after our spring-like December.

Strangely, our butts got cold. And we tucked our fingers and thumbs inside our fists when we were going up the lifts.

But otherwise, our goal of getting our ski-legs worked out great. We did almost every run there is (except some of the crappier greens), including the hardest black diamond runs that still didn't have their moguls built up. It actually made for some more varied skiing for us, so no complaints there.

Then I got to go home and sit with my feet up at the wood stove, reading Maclean's magazine, drinking tea, with a cat asleep on my lap. Nice.

These are the weekends that I love!

When mom brought me home on Sunday, I was happy to discover that Alex had put up a coat rack finally! YAY! Some place to hang our coats!

And, on top of that, we made chicken with red wine sauce for dinner (a recipe that was easy that I really like and which Alex also liked but threw out immediately after using).

What a great weekend.

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