Thursday, December 22, 2005

Well, the holidays are here and it's just another excuse for me to procrastinate.

Apparently, I need an entire night to wrap a couple of presents and get my baking organized to give out.

Suddenly I realized that I had not made ANYTHING appropriate for my Logan Movers co-conspriator, CityRat as he is allergic to anything with any type of milk solid in it whatsoever. I assume that means butter as well.

I could have been more organized and thoughtful and created a masterpiece for him. On second thought, my baking isn't really all that, so he should probably be thankful he doesn't have to pretend to enjoy it.

Next year I will leave myself more time and create more variety. I will also think about presents that must be sent via Canada Post earlier and do those first. Instead of thinking about sending them the night before they're meant to be there.

Next year I will put up my garland myself instead of waiting for the braun to help me.

On the other hand, I can think about all the things I DID do:
  • baking, even though some people don't even want it, it's the thought that counts
  • christmas presents - good ones - even though some won't get there in time
  • christmas tree - pretty!
  • donated to the Salvation Army - you should too!

    Merry Christmas - be sure to enjoy it!
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