Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm always decidedly UNeager for the holidays to end.

Tomorrow I'll return to the city to prepare for the NYE festivities. It makes me a little sad, even though I'm feeling extremely unhealthy about laying around the woodstove, reading my book and my magazine, eating far too much chocolate, breathing in too much cigarette smoke, watching a movie or two and really just not moving around very much.

This morning I ate a grapefruit just to feel better about myself. I will endeavour to get back on the treadmill when I return to the city to work off the holiday extravegances.

Christmas highlights:

1 Thai cooking class
2 pairs of mitts
3 gift cards
4 pairs of socks

...and a day at the spa.

Actually, the highlights were giving out my presents to others. They all worked out pretty well. Especially the chicken slippers I gave to my dad. My mom, however, seems to have adopted them while my dad favours the second, more boring pair I gave him.

There's no accounting for taste.

And there's no accounting for one's lack of motivation to return to the real world. You'd think I'd be tired of family and too much chocolate and too little movement. But I'm strangely dreading the trip back to the intricate balance of relationships, careers and financial decisions.

However, I am somewhat heartened by the strong belief that there are many changes in store for me in 2006.

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