Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Seriously, have you been to AllRecipes.com yet?

I was looking for some non-sweet options for my Christmas "baking" and clicked on their special Christmas section and found all sorts of gifts: soup in a jar, cookie batter in a jar, mixed spiced nuts, holiday caramel corn.

I read all the reviews on each recipe I was interested in, which saves me a lot of pre-testing work.

I saved all the good ones to my recipe box so that, tomorrow, when I go to work, I can log in, decide which to make, create a grocery list automatically, print it and buy the ingredients. (I just happen to work across the street from the Great Canadian Superstore - my favourite store if I don't go to the Bulk Barn.) Then, I can print out the nutritional information for each item, so that everyone will know exactly what they're getting. Mom would be proud!

And THEN, Betty Crocker has this cool christmas cookie-decorating e-card ad. So I had to play with that too.

I mean, why use any other site?
I don't work for these guys, I promise you. But when I like something, I really like it.

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Anonymous said...

I am emailing that link to a certain family member in Ottawa who is bored with his own cooking. Your mom is so proud. I have an entire cookbook with those types of gifts. Mind you, it's all in the cool packaging of these ingredients. As you have lots of creativity, that will not be a problem