Friday, December 09, 2005

I love St. Maarten. I don't want to leave.

Tomorrow is our last day and then we say goodbye to the paradise island. The beaches are beautiful, the people are so nice, the food is great, there's so much to do!

We've been hanging out on the beach at 25-28 degrees celcius every day.

And at home I know it is cold. And I'll be coming home Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Sigh. Who really wants to live in Canada? Who wants to go back to work?

Results of poll: only one day cloudy and we are all tanned.


Anonymous said...

i really love livin in canada. bite your tongue miss cath. glad you are having a good time though. please come back to toronto so we can have fun. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you ladies are having fun. We've been in a deep freeze this week, so I'm very envious. Say hi to Jen and your mom for me. Love, Aunt Jo PS - I would really love to live in Canada.