Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas tree 2005

Christmas tree 2005
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Merry Christmas!

It was a Christmasy weekeend.

Friday night, Alex and I decorated my tree. Click on the link to see Alex helping. We didn't manage to get my gorgeous dollar-store garland with lights up as we had to get to a little Free Press Fan Christmas party.

Saturday, I shopped for Christmas presents until the stores had closed their doors. I got some great deals and fantastic finds!

My feet sore, I dropped into bed.

Sunday, I did some of my Christmas baking at Sarah's house. She is a baking goddess. I was able to give her the Christmas present that I've been excited about since the One of a Kind Show. (Check out the CD labels at and jewelry at Propaganda.)

After making myself sick, licking the chocolate out of the bowl, I got myself home to create yet another Christmas baking masterpiece.

And all the while, listening to Christmas carols on traditional radio (97.3 Easy Rock) or Internet Radio (did you know you can choose Motown Christmas?).

Giddyup jingle horse!

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