Monday, September 26, 2005

Ohmygosh, I feel sick.

I think I nearly passed out at work today.

One minute, I felt totally normal, writing an email at my desk, having just eaten my favourite lunch: BBQ pork noodle soup at Congee Star. The next minute, the room swam and I nearly fell over.


And now I just feel really crappy. Maybe I'm getting sick. Unfortunately, I can't stay home as I have a big launch party to go to and I have no sick days left, apparently. Not sure how that happened, as I believed that I had only been away twice all year. However, I'm sure my boss tracked it VERY carefully.

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Anonymous said...

If you still feel like crap tomorrow, then:

- go in to work
- generally look spaced out for the first hour, and mention how you don't feel too well
- puke in your wastebasket (someone has to be around to see this)
- take the rest of the day off

Sometimes you gotta work at being sick. :)