Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I am about to be a huge loser and tell you about my amazing night: Day One Without Jaap.

I biked to work and after work rode to meet Anita. We went for a 2-hour bike ride in Mount Pleasant Cemetary. I was still home by 8pm.

So I started cleaning. Laundry in the washer. Bathroom. Done. Laundry in the dryer. Delicates in the sink and hanging on the drying rack. Kitchen. Done. Bedroom. Done.

Now I'm sitting on my exerflex ball, my bills paid, blogging and eating the tomato-cucumber salad that uses up all of my parents' veggies that were otherwise going to go bad.

After this, I'm giving myself a manicure becuase I ate off each and every one of my fingernails today.

Day One and I've already done Everything.

Productive. But let me tell you, it can only get worse. I'm totally going to miss him.

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Anonymous said...

does everyone miss jaap when he is gone? its like a weird feeling of something isnt quite right. then you realize, where is the dutch guy play sudoku? oh yes, in nfld.