Saturday, January 15, 2005

Went to the Women's Health Matters Forum and Expo yesterday.

I went to two really interesting seminars: one about the media's coverage of women's health issues and one about relationships.

What I got out of the media panel discussion was that conventional media's hands are tied by the conventions of their medium. In TV and radio's case, it's about the milisecond sound-bite. Similarly, in newsprint, it's brevity, although it does offer a little more depth. Magazines, my specialty and personal love, often offer even more, but even so they can't be everything to everyone. They still need to deliver information that is palatable to the consumer, meaning a low reading level and an even lower understanding of science and medecine. Which is all very frustrating for the many women who crave indepth intelligent coverage and discussion of somewhat complicated health issues.

All the media figures pointed to the internet as a great source for this type of information. I was so proud of what I do, since I know that the information my company does is written by people who actually understand the issues, not just a regular journalist who happens upon a convincing press release.

I feel even more the importance of what I do: leading the direction of about 90% of Canada's online health information.

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