Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Lots to report; where do I start?

Well, I had a bone scan done today. My wrists are not healing well and the doctor wants to rule out any misbehaving. I'm sure I'm fine, but for those who've never had a bone scan done before, here's what you can expect.

Step 1: go in, have a nice soft-spoken man poke you with a needle.
Step 2: place hands (or other body part as the case may be for you) on the "scanner".
Step 3: wait 1.5 minutes for the scan.
Step 4: go out and drink your face off for 2 hours (I had coffees and shopped at the conveniently-situated Winners next door). Buying too much is optional (although some would disagree).
Step 5: pee a lot.
Step 5: go back, place purchases to the side, and wait for 3 more scans of said body part.
Step 6: I forgot to mention as step pre-1: don't stay up watching Sexy Spies ("Alias") or you'll really need the coffee you're drinking.

I didn't go to choir practice last night because I was sick. I'm having coughing problems again, much like I had when I was in Melbourne last Christmas. (Speaking of which, I just got a lovely email from David who is heat-soaked at the moment, the bastard.) Anyway, although I couldn't make it to practice, I found out that the choir is going to Prague in August 2006 to perform for 3 weeks and if I stick with the choir, then I'll be going too! How exciting is THAT?! Assuming, of course, that I can get rid of this annoying throat thing.

I was supposed to go to the gym tonight as part of my 3-week pass, but I couldn't make it happen.

  • too sick
  • too tired (from aforementioned Sexy Spies)
  • too much laundry to do

    So, instead I walked home through the ridiculously cold. Have I mentioned how damn COLD it is in Canada? Seriously, who thought that people should live in -33C weather? I'm just glad that I don't live in Ottawa or Quebec where I'm sure it is worse. Although my mom just reminded me that Winterlude is coming up in Ottawa, so I'm sure to freeze my butt off up there in a couple of weeks. At least they try to convince you that winter is fun over there. Here in Toronto we just shiver and swear silently (or audibly if you're on the TTC).

    Then, I got to come home to my messy house (I haven't been home much lately and I refuse to play maid this time, although I did put out the garbage as it was overflowing and smelling of rotting food) and turn on my computer to catch up on emails.

    Newsletter from Raye! Leave it to her to compare the tsunami with Brad-and-Jennifer! Raye has a knack.

    Anonymous said...

    -33C... Well yes that is cold, very cold... HA! Now if you excuse me I think I'll go outside, lay on the lush green grass and bask in the beautiful 28C sunny day outside. *psst* you're right, I am a bastard *tease tease*. ;)

    To redeem myself, I hope your feeling better soon. :)

    - David

    Unknown said...

    David, as if you could make me any MORE jealous. Nice, though, just rub it in a little more. I feel better knowing that you actually HATE the sun.

    Besides, today was a more modest -16C or so... Positively sweltering!