Sunday, January 02, 2005

Last day of the blessed Christmas holidays.

Yesterday, I went to a New Year's Day eating extravaganza at Alex's sister's place. Lovely place, really nice people, way too much good food. I even played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture edition. And knew some answers.


And, best of all, I got to play Barbies with a 5-year-old cutie pants.

Today, one last chance to spend my holidays frivolously.

* * *

Ohmygosh, the best part of today was where I realized that today is Monday and I don't have to work tomorrow! However, tomorrow is still NOT going to be another frivolous day of watching the "What Not to Wear" marathon (although is that REALLY frivolous? I picked up a lot of great tips).

* * *

Ohmygosh, the worst part of today was about 2 seconds ago when I randomly checked my work email and calendar and discovered that I might be supposed to go to work tomorrow. And Alex had me convinced that it was a day off... so I checked the Ontario Public Holidays and found out that New Year's Day is an official holiday and since that was on the weekend, shouldn't we then have Monday off?

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