Thursday, January 06, 2005

Oh crap.
My site is down AGAIN. Remind me that I should really change hosting providers. Remember my previous post on hosting providers? Yes, well, don't use GoWebServer. Or, if you do, go for the good package so that they treat you like a human being who needs up-time.

On the happy side, the computer-geek at work (part of my contract specifies that I'm not allowed to mention anyone's name specifically) came home with me to fix my computer (actually, my network card). And he did! However, I was sad to discover that it was the easiest, stupidest problem I could think of... the cable wasn't in right.


How to fix network card problems:
Step 1: check that it's plugged in properly.
Step 2: check that your brain is in the ON position.

So now I'm doing laundry and eating Pillsbury crescent rolls to celebrate.
Celebration of champions.


Anonymous said...




So SO much respect just lost in an instant. Hand back your Nerd Membership Card and Bow Tie. :P

- David

Anonymous said...

It's not a bowtie for the nerd club - that's for the annoying-ex-boss-club. It's a propeller hat for the nerd club. Tree

Unknown said...

Whilst I have neither an official badge nor bow tie NOR propeller hat (though, GOODNESS, I need one of those!) I do have a fantastic <GEEK> shirt that is actualy XHTML compliant.

I think I should wear it tomorrow in honour of my nerdiness.

CityRat said...

Oh sure, I fix her computer and then she wants to dress like me. Warn me before you wear that to work.

Unknown said...

Well, I DID warn you. And you won't BE at work tomorrow.

It's my way of thanking you.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Plus, isn't yours a <nerd> shirt?

CityRat said...

True, on both counts.

In that case i'm very flattered, and feeling all warm and tingly inside no less.

Nope, mine says < GEEK > as well, but it's not XHTML compliant. I also have HACKER, just in case the government wasn't watching me before hand, although I know they are, I see them everywhere!