Monday, January 10, 2005

Had a lovely ski trip with my mom on the weekend at Hockley Valley.

I think I'm going to buy my own second-hand equipment. Otherwise, this skiing thing gets bloody expensive!!

I also bought my tickets to Calgary for April 1st for my big family ski trip. All the airlines (JetsGo, WestJet and Tango) are having these great sales on now, so we got pretty good flight prices. Very very excited about my cool ski vacation!


Anonymous said...

I think Face is the greatest skier I know . She does it despite back injuries & potential migraines too! I think a lot about our cool ski trip ..just thinking of barrelling uncontrollably to my death and taking 5 miles to do it is exciting!!
But I biked 60 minutes at high tension today to that I can at least survive one run before I die. Of course I may be unable to walk tommorrow

Unknown said...

Thanks Mom. ~blushes~
(Note: only my mom calls me Face.)

But really, unless I fall a lot, there is no danger of migraine. And today I went and got my back all fixed up by my awesome chiropractor, so I'm fine.

While mom is biking to train for our next big death-excursion, I'm getting into work late with a latte in hand and staying at work until even the cleaning lady is loathe to come.

Although I did manage to run faster and longer today at the gym. YAY ME!