Friday, November 19, 2004

Saw Kevin Smith at Roy Thompson Hall last night and it was rather cool.

He has a potty mouth, of course, which I found to be rather tiresome after a while. I mean, how many times can you swear before it stops being funny for the shock value? And much of his humour is shock-value. Unsurpringly, given the nature of Chasing Amy and Dogma, for example.

But he's a pretty cool guy. Laid back in a way that tells me he's "on".
Really reminds me of Alex.

And then Kevin started talking about his wife.

And I had a sneaking suspicion that Alex and I are living a parallel universe to Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

I think I am Kevin Smith's wife.
Except that I saw her and she's extremly pretty, so I'm not.

But everything that Kevin said about his wife, I could have sworn came from Alex's own mouth.

Alex and I stole sidelong glances at each other. I knew he was thinking the same.

I have a new appreciation for Kevin Smith and I'm looking forward to his possible use of bionic ninja's hiding behind rocks at Degrassi High in his next movie, Clerks2. Don't be too surprised if, instead, he comes out with Jay and Silent Bob Take on Canada, eh?


Kat said...

Hey - are you saying Alex is your BOYFRIEND?

First time officially acknowledged on your all I'm saying :-)

Don't mean to be a sh!t disturber (though Scott tells me I'm quite good at it?)

Unknown said...

Did I use the word "boyfriend"? I'm only saying that Alex thinks I'm smart and I'm not fooled by him when he's "on".

Nice try, though, Kat.

I'm not saying he's NOT, but I'm just pointing out that I never wrote that he IS...

Kat said...

HaHa! I think it was more the comparison of Kevin Smith and his wife to Alex and yourself that I was getting at. So, for whatever that's worth, it seems a romantic comparison at the very least.

Unknown said...

I think Alex himself would laugh about you calling anything I did "romantic." While I am in my mind, in my actions I am very often NOT.

And while Kevin wondered aloud why his wife was with him, I sometimes wonder the same about Alex. I'm not a very nice person. And yet he accepts that and continues to love me. I'm not sure I deserve it. But I love him for it.

Kat said...

Scott doesn't deserve me either.

Are you guys coming over tomorrow for Grey Cup or what?